William Thornton, Station Master

William Thornton was born in Kirriemuir in 1857 at Garlowbank Farm, Kirriemuir, to James Thornton, an agricultural labourer, and Jane Hay.
A few years later they moved to their own small 6 acre farm (1861 census)

James Thornton, 36, born Tannadice, Forfarshire
Janet Thornton 35, born Airlie, Forfarshire
Margaret Thornton 9
John Thornton 7
James Thornton 6
William Thornton 4
David Thornton 2
Parish: Kirriemuir; ED: 4; Page: 30; Line: 11;

William Married Helen Menzies in Perth on the 25th December 1879, when he is described as a Railway Clerk.
Sometime in the next year he is promoted to Station Master, and moves to Dalmally Station.
On the 24th of September their first daughter, Jane Robertson Thornton, is born, (is this the first new life at Dalmally?)

On the 21st of September 1882 William Thornton was born at the station.

On the 3rd of February 1884 Flora MacGregor Thornton was born at Station Cottages, (why had the family moved out of the Station building?

The Valuation Roll of 1885 showed that William Thornton was a tenant of the Oban and Callander Railway Company and paid an annual rental of 4 pounds and 11 shillings.

On the 10th November 1886 Nelly Patullo Thornton was born, at Station Cottage.

and the family grew again when Janet Hay Thornton was born 15 September 1889, at Station cottage

In 1891 the family were recorded living in one of the Railway cottages, (the second one from the Post Office)

Now.. something happened in the next couple of years, because by 1893 the Thorntons were no longer living at Dalmally; their daughter Margaret Menzies Thornton is born in Maryhill and on the Valuation Roll of 1895 the station master is George Dawson.
In 1899 twins Katharine Patullo and Adeline Hay were born.
In 1901 the Thorntons are in 24 Campbell Street, Maryhill, where William is a Railway Clerk again

William Thornton 44, Railway Clerk
Helen Thornton 44
Jane Thornton 20
William Thornton 18
Flora Thornton 17
Nelly Thornton 14
Janet Thornton 11
Margaret Thornton 8
Katherine Thornton 3
Adaline Thornton 3
Parish: Maryhill; ED: 57; Page: 12; Line: 23; Roll: CSSCT1901_242.