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A unique event at Dalmally Station Graham and Liz marry on the platform

On 21st August 2015 , Liz arrived on the crossover train from Oban to a platform full of family and friends and two giant felted foxgloves, which they later married beneath.

The interaction from the passengers and staff was wonderful and the atmosphere in the rare Dalmally sunshine was fully charged




Truly a marriage of love to the station that is slowly unfolding after so many years of renovating

Seeking employees at the station

Now that we have found most of the Station Masters, we are seeking more of the people the other people who worked around the station.
Can you help?

1877 – 1881
Station Master :
Porter :
Signalman :

Station master William Thornton
Porter :
Signalman :

Station master George Dawson
Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :
Station master Thomas D Burns
Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :
Station master Peter Gow
Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :

Station master John Walker
Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :
Fraser stationmaster - Jock McColl signals - Margaret clerkess
Station master Ian McBean
Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :

1949-1950 station house vacant
Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :

Station master George G Castel
Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :

1952 Station house empty
Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :

Station master Frank Fraser
Porter –
Signalman : Jock McCall, Walter Campbell and Bert Barnet
Clerkess : Firstly Jessie Carter then Margaret McDougal from railway cottage- (father Maurice worked on the railway too)

Station master Mr McDonald (his son was called Hector, and he had a wee dog called Nippy
Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :

Station master Donald Cooke
Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :

who was station master
Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :

Bert Barnett was he signal man/porter?
What years was he in Dalmally Station?

Station master Frances Eadie
Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :

Porter :
Signalman :
Clerkess :

William Thornton, Station Master

William Thornton was born in Kirriemuir in 1857 at Garlowbank Farm, Kirriemuir, to James Thornton, an agricultural labourer, and Jane Hay.
A few years later they moved to their own small 6 acre farm (1861 census)

James Thornton, 36, born Tannadice, Forfarshire
Janet Thornton 35, born Airlie, Forfarshire
Margaret Thornton 9
John Thornton 7
James Thornton 6
William Thornton 4
David Thornton 2
Parish: Kirriemuir; ED: 4; Page: 30; Line: 11;

William Married Helen Menzies in Perth on the 25th December 1879, when he is described as a Railway Clerk.
Sometime in the next year he is promoted to Station Master, and moves to Dalmally Station.
On the 24th of September their first daughter, Jane Robertson Thornton, is born, (is this the first new life at Dalmally?)

On the 21st of September 1882 William Thornton was born at the station.

On the 3rd of February 1884 Flora MacGregor Thornton was born at Station Cottages, (why had the family moved out of the Station building?

The Valuation Roll of 1885 showed that William Thornton was a tenant of the Oban and Callander Railway Company and paid an annual rental of 4 pounds and 11 shillings.

On the 10th November 1886 Nelly Patullo Thornton was born, at Station Cottage.

and the family grew again when Janet Hay Thornton was born 15 September 1889, at Station cottage

In 1891 the family were recorded living in one of the Railway cottages, (the second one from the Post Office)

Now.. something happened in the next couple of years, because by 1893 the Thorntons were no longer living at Dalmally; their daughter Margaret Menzies Thornton is born in Maryhill and on the Valuation Roll of 1895 the station master is George Dawson.
In 1899 twins Katharine Patullo and Adeline Hay were born.
In 1901 the Thorntons are in 24 Campbell Street, Maryhill, where William is a Railway Clerk again

William Thornton 44, Railway Clerk
Helen Thornton 44
Jane Thornton 20
William Thornton 18
Flora Thornton 17
Nelly Thornton 14
Janet Thornton 11
Margaret Thornton 8
Katherine Thornton 3
Adaline Thornton 3
Parish: Maryhill; ED: 57; Page: 12; Line: 23; Roll: CSSCT1901_242.

Dalmally Station Masters

We are slowly learning about the people who lived and worked at the Station.
If you can help us fill in the missing details, or correct any mistakes we make, we would love to hear from you.
Are you related to any of these men, or are there any Official records to search?

The Station Masters :
1877 Who was the FIRST Dalmally Station master?
1880 William Thornton was married in 1879 in Perth, as a railway clerk, and must have been promoted to Station Master moving to Dalmally sometime in 1880 as his daughter Jane is born here in September of 1880. (Birth Certificate)
1881 William Thornton – living at the Station house (Census)
1885 William Thornton – living in house belonging to Railway company (Valuation Roll)
1891 William Thornton – living at Railway Cottages (Census)
1895 George Dawson – living in house belonging to Railway company, (Valuation Roll)
1901 George Dawson – living at Station House (Census)
1905 George Dawson – living in house belonging to Railway company (Valuation Roll)
1914 – 20th March : George Dawson dies (will) (Death Cert)
1915 – Thomas D Burns – living at Station House, tenant of Oban and Callendar Railway company (Valuation Roll)
1920 – 1931 Peter Gow – living in house belonging to Railway company (Valuation Roll) / retired 1931 – died 1937 in Auchterarder (newspaper report)
1931-1943. John Walker (Valuation rolls)
1943-1949. Ian MacBean (Valuation rolls) (newspaper article)
1949-1950. Vacant (Valuation rolls)
1950-1952. George G Castel (Valuation rolls)
1952-. Empty (Ref: VR89/100/621)
1952 – 1959 Frank Fraser was Station Master (family history / death certificate)
1963 Mr Cooke began working as Station Master (family history)
1969 Mr Cooke leaves (family history)
1979 – 1983 Francis Eadie Stationmaster / signalman

1977- Larry Hamilton signalman 1979 – 1983 Francis Eadie signalman

Francis Eadie and his wife Ann both came from Lanarkshire and moved here as stationmaster and signalman which was job – shared with Larry – Lawrence Hamilton
The Eadie family moved to Dalmally in 1979 and lived here until 1983.
Their son was born while they lived here and was christened in the house; their daughter was 4 when she moved and has many memories of pulling the levers in the signal box. handing over the tokens to the train driver (she said she was tall for her age).
She remembers the house upstairs as being cold and damp and fungus growing out of the walls – they had two coal bunkers at the bottom of the stairs and needed to feed the fires constantly. She remembers for her brothers christening, knocking the clothes horse with her good dress into the fire and it getting burned. She believes in the original filming of Weirs way her brothers wailing could be heard in the background. The children were cub scout leaders but can not remember it being in the ‘tin hut hall’

The Hamilton family transferred from West Calder to Dalmally in 1977 and remained at the station until his premature death a decade later. Larry always signed the register as Laurence Hamilton. . He was opposite number to Frank Eadie for a while. Larry was fond of the wild geranium / cranesbill which grew about the station. He had a little caravan which was parked beside his cottage. Larry was a well liked man both by co workers and the public

The Oban based relief signalman at the end of manual signals was Jackie MacLaren from Benderloch. Jackie was a great character who was always up for practical jokes and worked hard to keep the stations and gardens looking good.

Other relief staff at Dalmally at that time were Jimmy Gemmell from Crianlarich and Chris MacCormack from Tyndrum

The details above were given in good faith and as more information becomes available it is possible to update this history


1978 Bert Barnatt, Signalman

I never had the good fortune to meet Bert Barnatt and only this image remains to give me an idea of what he looked like but every single person I have spoken to with memories for the period of time Bert served at the station as signalman , has fond memories of him. His kindness and thoughtfulness lives on. If you knew Bert or would like to share a story about him please contact us .
Bert Barnett 1978 Dalmally Station