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1877 Newspaper report of Station Opening

The Glasgow Herald – Wednesday May 2 1877

Opening of the Tyndrum and Dalmally Section of the Callander and Oban Railway.
Yesterday, the newly-formed Tyndrum and Dalmally section of the Callander and Oban Railway, recently described in these columns, was opened for public traffic. The section, it may be repeated, is over twelve miles in length, and, curiously enough, it forms the first railway which has entered the extensive though mountainous county of Argyll. It passes through the glens of Lochay and Orchy, and terminates a short distance from teh head of Loch Awe in a district alike salubrious and beautiful. A better day for the opening of the section could hardly have been desired, as the air was clear and exceptionally mild. A considerable number of passengers travelled from Glasgow by the early train, and they had a capital opportunity of enjoying the scenery of the route, which, as our readers are aware, is of a most varied and interesting kind. After lunching at the Dalmally Hotel, the majority of the passengers passed on to Oban by coach, enjoying a splendid drive through the Pass of Brander and along the shores of Loch Etive. Mr Gillespie, district superintendent of the Caledonian Railway, and Mr Mackay, jun. contrator, rode in the train over the new section, and found it to run with a steadiness to be expected more in connection with an old than a perfectly new line. The inhabitants of the district – not a large number certainly – turned out to witness the progress of the iron horse, whose appearance amongst them will be to their benefit in various ways; and on entering Dalmally Station the train was welcomes by the vigorous cheers of the assembled villagers. The route, which brings Oban within easy access of the South, cannot but be very popular with tourists and travellers generally. As at present arranged, passengers leaving Glasgow at 7.15 am arrive at Dalmally at 11.50 and at Oban (by coach) at 4 pm. A later train from Glasgow (4.5pm) arrives at Dalmally at 8.25 pm. A train also leaves Dalmally at 5.45 am and is timed for Buchanan Street at 9.30 am.

1877 Dalmally Station opened

Dalmally station opened on the 1st May 1877

For a while, it was the western extremity of the Callander and Oban Railway.

It is not yet known who was the original Station master.

By the census of 1881, William Thornton was in residence with his wife and young baby daughter, but he got married in 1878 in Perth as a railway clerk, so did he move to Dalmally after that ?

1877 Board of Trade Inspection failed

29 March 1877
Maj. Gen. Hutchinson (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of the extension of the Callander & Oban Railway from Tyndrum to Dalmally.
He required that facing points locking should be fixed to the through connections and that the siding points should be locked with rods and not with wires.
An Up Starting signal should be provided.
The works were incomplete and opening was not sanctioned

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