This is the start of a long journey .. there are so many new people to meet who have had connections with Dalmally Station, and plenty of places to look for information. We will share the archives that we are finding here; maybe you have already visited these and have records to share? or maybe you can show us new ones that we have not found yet.

At the station we have a small but growing collection of records, images and stories.  These are available whenever the Heartfelt Studio / shop is open. These are in paper files, and we have several videos you can watch. We love to chat about the station, and learn from you about what happened here in the past. You can find our opening hours on the HeartfeltbyLiz website

Dalmally Historical Societypaper archive
Caledonian Railway Society Archives
Mitchell Library, Glasgow: newspapers : slaters and other directories : argyll archives
Argyll and Bute Archives, Lochgilphead
National Archives of Scotland
Argyll Estates
Inveraray Historical Society
Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society
Oban War and Peace museum

Gathering the Stories of the people and the events