1979 – 1983 Francis Eadie Stationmaster / signalman

Francis Eadie and his wife Ann both came from Lanarkshire and moved here as stationmaster and signalman which was job – shared with Larry ????
They moved to Dalmally in 1979 and lived here until 1983.
Their son was born while they lived here and was christened in the house; their daughter was 4 when she moved and has many memories of pulling the levers in the signal box. handing over the tokens to the train driver (she said she was tall for her age).
She remembers the house upstairs as being cold and damp and fungus growing out of the walls – they had two coal bunkers at the bottom of the stairs and needed to feed the fires constantly. She remembers for her brothers christening, knocking the clothes horse with her good dress into the fire and it getting burned. She believes in the original filming of Weirs way her brothers wailing could be heard in the background. The children were cub scout leaders but can not remember it being in the ‘tin hut hall’