1914 Death of George Dawson

On the 20th March 1914 George Dawson died at Dalmally Station of heart failure.

The full transcription of his death certificate is :

George Dawson, station master
Married to Jemina Craig
died 1914, March 20th, at 1h 45m am
Station House, Dalmally, Glenorchy.
Male, aged 59 years old.
His father was Robert Dawson, labourer, deceased
His mother was Margaret Dawson, maiden surname, Horn, deceased.
The cause of death as arterio sclerosis, heart failure,
as certified by John A Cameron MBCM
The informant on the registration of the death was George Dawson, his son.
And the death was registered on the 24th March 1914 at Dalmally but Angus Campbell, registrar.

and details of his will

Will of George Dawson
at Dunoon 20th of April 1914
The Inventory of the Personal Estate of the Late George Dawson, Station master, late of Station House, Dalmally.

Household furniture and other effects in the decease’s house £30 -s-D
Amount contained in Policy of Insurance over life of deceased, No 107280A3 with the Life Association of Scotland, 82 Princes Street, Edinburgh, for £100
Bonus additions thereon (none)
LESS loan of £30 and interest to date : £19
less tax of 1s 1D
giving total of £30:17:11 to be deducted = £69 2s 1D

a grand total of the value of his will was £99 2s 1D

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